My company located in Piedmont, province of Cuneo, in the heart of the origin area of hazelnut Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, has grown from the homely tradition, which helped to pass on a huge passion for farming. Lately, my technical studies, allowed me to improve the knowledge of plantations, getting better the final results. When the hazelnut’s plantation began, in the 50’s, the economic reality was extremely poor. This fact made usual to position only one hazelnuts’ row at the edge of the plot of the lands’, avoiding to steal space for different cultivations.

Years later, the hazelnut cultivation began highly profitable, thanks to the increasingly demand from the Ferrero business. Due to this fact, the implantation has grown to take up a large part of the farmable land, helping to improve the economic trend of the area.
About twenty years ago, I started the plant nursery activity, specializing myself in the production of the variety plant “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” (“Tonda Gentile of the Langhe region”/”Tonda Gentile Trilobata”).
The grown happens in Ceresole d’Alba, province of Cuneo. This variety is recognized as the best in the world because of its features. Example could be the extremely low content in fats that avoids the product to become rancid as well the great organoleptic properties or the high kernel to shell ratio.
Furthermore, the excellence of this variety is lent by its particular scent that passes on a delicious taste to its derived. The variety has grown naturally, then casually discovered and treasured through the years.
In recent years, the growth of different local business, helped to increase the appreciation of the hazelnut and all its derived in a global scale.